Jekyll and Hyde Alarm Watch To Bring You Back to Your Real Self

Consider a situation where in the alarm pulls you awake at five in the morning; the sun is not up yet and it’s an early morning sky, with a sprinkle of stars greeting you. For the last couple of days you have been slogging your butt off for a very important presentation and today is the day of the presentation and you have decided to reach office early to add the finishing touches.

The presentation is a huge success, but a smart-ass colleague jumps in and takes credit. You are known for your mild mannerisms and controlled behavior – a la Dr. Jekyll; but you feel your heart beat increase and your blood pressure rise, your veins are about to burst and you are about to pound your colleague – a la Mr. Hyde.

Most of us have been in a similar situation where a burst of anger switches us from gentle to violent. You wish there was something to remind you of a more peaceful state at such a time. Inspired by the original good boy bad boy split personality, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, designer Sarah Quinn has fashioned a watch that could serve as a metaphorical reminder to keep a lid on our more violent side.

Staying true to Robert Louis Stevenson’s creation, Quinn has designed the Jekyll and Hyde watch to reflect a Victorian aesthetic. The watch has a large, circular, transparent glass dial and the digits are inscribed in roman numerical. The dial is smoldered to an unpolished brass plate, which in turn is attached to a wide, black leather strap.

Below the dial is another transparent, hollow glass sphere that is supposed to carry a portion to snap Hyde back to his Jekyll personality. This hollow sphere has a wooden stub, supposed to serve as a syringe to inject the potion, attached below it.

Brass plates are attached to the entire leather strap like a brass band. The clasp for this watch is fashioned from brass too with a horizontal hook mechanism. Quinn wanted the watch to feel and look, like a Victorian era relic. The brass plates on the strap are soldered together and the leather is fastened to the brass band. Quinn learned the techniques, used to design this watch, from a jewelry design class. The watch was conceptualized and designed in a jewelry studio.

Since the Jekyll and Hyde watch has a Victorian style, it is sure to attract attention from Steampunk fans. Steampunk is an underground movement inspired by Victorian technology, which is slowly entering mainstream consciousness.

Apart from its symbolism, the Jekyll and Hyde watch has a cool design sense to it and can be owned as a fashion accessory as well.

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