The Keyboard To End All Keyboards Is Here!!

Being a musician I often get confused when people speak about keyboards, I mistake the regular computer keyboards for the ones we use in our band, but after having a look at this cool keyboard design by Aaron Martinez I think that my confusion could reach new heights.

Cool Keyboard1

The most unique thing about this keyboard is the fact that is a combination of both the regular computer keyboard and the one that you would use in a band, as in the keyboard which you can play! Although the latter one occupies a major part of the whole unit, it still comes with an LCD screen that makes it look more like a Laptop rather than a keyboard concept.

Originally created for a San Fransisco based design firm, this cool keyboard concept might strike a great chord with the musicians of the 21st century! On careful observation it is quite evident that this system is a perfect blend of two keyboards from two completely different fields of life, a form that would be highly welcome from the folks of both the fields.

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