Google officially acquires admob. How important is it?

Google finally overcame the financial and legal hurdles as it announced the official acquisition of the Admob. Google’s desire was made public in the last quarter of last year but it did not go as smooth for the Mountain View based company as other deals. But after the FCC cleared the way for the deal last week, putting down the allegation of monopoly and other implications of the deal on the advertisement market for mobile, it did not take any longer for the company to complete the necessary formalities involved. Yes, Apple’s announcement of iAds might have come of great help to its tech rival, can’t deny that!

google admob deal

We really did not know the Who, What and Why about Admob, until Google added the company to its list of acquisitions as the global meltdown slowed down and Google resumed its takeovers like before. We really love this part of Google, don’t we? Moreover, Google has publicly acknowledged Admob’s creativity and respects its innovation in the field of mobile advertisements and really looks forward to take the experience for users and ability of advertisers to next level through this acquisition.

google and admob

What is pivotal pont of the deal is ‘Mobile Search’ which has been growing phenomenally in the last couple of years along with the strides made in mobile phones themselves. Smart phones like iPhone and android phones which use ‘full’ webkit  browsers have seen a jump of 62% in searches in the last 3 months when compared to previous 3 months to that.

Further, mobiles have enabled users to search in different ways, too. For example, now you can speak into your mobile, take a photo and search it (like via Google Goggles) or you may want to translate with Google translate directly on your mobile in the local language before searching. There is more innovation in mobile in the form of “click to call” search ads, which enable advertisers to include their contact numbers inside the ad so that the interest users get direct access (with just one click) to contact the advertiser. Surely, an improved tool for the likes of restaurants, entertainment pools and other local stuff advertising.

Google Admob Official

If that was about accessing information through search, mobile websites and apps also make a count. Advertisements find prominent space in the the websites and applications. Admob is one of the first companies to serve ads on iPhone and android phones and have come up with ad units like ‘interactive video ad units’ and expandable rich media ads, which is quite an innovation.

So, all that sums up the importance of mobile phones as relevant to the Google’s business and Admob’s contribution thus far. Advertisers can expect a host of new tools and more creativity as the two companies join hands together and the combined team will surely bring in more developments as they have been. Have your say.

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