Android Exploded T-shirt Design

So what’s the best deal an Android fan has ever got? You must have carried this lovable mascot everywhere you go, but ever wondered how this adorable Android is ever created. Exploded right out an android, check out the bisected remains of your favorite character to analyze its composition right on the Exploded Android T-shirt.Android Exposed Right Onto an Exploded T-shirt (2)

These exploded t-shirts portrays just every minute detail of what your favorite Android is actually made up from, right from its brain to its each and every body part. All geeks out there just explode in this fun by flaunting this bizarre designed T-shirt designed by Garry Booth for just $19, grab it from Exploded Andy.

You aren’t in a craze for a fancy wardrobe, but still an Android maniac? Don’t lose enthusiasm for an exploded Android poster just portrays the same, which sizes up to 24 inches x 18 inches, also for $19!  Just get these two to complete your Android collection with awesome geeky stuff you can flaunt in your parties.

Android Exposed Right Onto an Exploded T-shirt

This amazing artwork will definitely grab all eyeballs with its simplicity in its creativity, an awesome. Flaunt this exploded T-shirt around yourself to follow the loyal chase of droid, and make yourself totally fashionable with geeky stuff. Your kid loves science, or does he try to bisect everything at home out of curiosity? This is then the best birthday gift he could ever have, not to miss out some other cool android stuff like the Android cushions or the Android Version 2.2 and certainly not the Google TV.

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