Google Analytics Opt-out add-on helps you maintain your privacy with Google

Google is known for its depth in crawling the web pages across the gigantic online world and serving the best results to users for searches made. And for that matter, Google does stores your browsing info (most of us never know about it!) along with other releated info to keep its database updates and healthy.

You might have heard of Google Analytics, which is basically a service that keeps an eye on websites regarding traffic and visitor data. It has also been subjected to user privacy issues by some people, if not many. But  unlike Facebook, where your uncared privacy settings may disclose your identity info to unwanted people, Google database is secure enough and the info collected through Analytics is preserved for proper use.

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

But there are occasions when you would not want even Google to store your data (not even anonymously, of course) and would want a simple tool to keep out from Google’s reach. Well the Search Engine giant took good care of you here, and has already come up with a simple add-on for your browser, be it Firefox/Chrome/Internetr Explorer.

This add-on, known as Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on, is available for download over here from Google. So in case you wanna stop Google from tracking down your data sent by the browser to it, all you need to do is install the above mentioned add-0n by following the given link and hit the download button. Once you have installed the add-on in your browser, it automatically serves it purpose and nothing extra needs to be configured. It is compatible with Firefox 3.5 and above, IE 6 or 7 and Chrome 4.x and higher.

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on DOWNLOAD

That’s pretty straight forward but let me remind you that in case you search a lot and want the relevant results in a better and faster way, you should allow Google to collect your data since the data is processed using sophisticated algorithms for future use to serve you better. Moreover, the threats if any, to your privacy is minimal here as against that in facebook where your private data is disclosed to anyone anywhere, if you have not put up the adequate restrictions in the privacy settings, manually!

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Via LifeHacker