Dell’s Bio Friendly Froot Makes Computing Intangible !

From laptop to desktop to palmtops…Dell has taken a leap forward in the computing technology by totally eliminating the two important parts of the computer, the monitor and the keyboard. It’s quite unthinkable to stop using the computer in its ‘full form’. It will surely take us sometime to become used to this concept.

Dell Froot1

Paulina Carlos, the designer of the concept Froot has successfully used laser technology for creating a computer monitor, a keyboard and a mouse on any flat surface. If you have this light gadget, you don’t need to carry your heavy laptops everywhere.

Dell Froot2

With ‘Froot’, Dell has also decided to go the bio friendly way. Made up of starch-based polymer with a biodegradable skin, even the electronic components can be recycled.

Available in ‘fruity’ colors, purple, orange, blue, green and violet, it runs on Window XP and incorporates Regeneration Green Computing Technology. Since the Dell Froot concept is still futuristic, the information on expected price is not available.

Dell Froot3

This space saving and green technology is bound to interest the environmental lobbyists and gadget buffs.

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