Homemade HALO Nerf Automatic Rifle by Moz

A favorite toy from the childhood, be it a gun, a car, or a LEGO attacker cruiser, etc is really difficult to forget. Chances are more than not that you still remember one or two items down the memory lane, it may be a plastic made gun that your was your one of the most fav childhood gift (if you were lucky enough!) or collection from a fare.

No wonder almost all of us leave the old toys behind as we grow up but there are some who preserve it and invest in it to make what we call some really real stuff. We are talking about the HALO Nerf AR made by the Moz, at home. He looks very caring about his toys and really took them to heart and with some innovation and attitude, converted his silver Nerf recon into astonishing kid’s rifle whch really looks like a original metal rifle packed with in two magazines, laser pointer and other cool stuff.

Halo Rifle

Home Made Halo Rifle

Moz was basically looking for something to match for his militia costume and found that his silver Nerf recon was a perfect fit. He customize it and worked upon it to come up with this hot gun, which many people admired and want in their collection. While redesigning the gun, Moz retained some of the basic stuff like cocking, loading etc just like that, but added some fine hand grip after painting it. Moreover, he took a cowl from an assault rifle purchased from a dollar shop!

Halo Rifle Body

The idea of black grip was taken from the HALO rifle and flash light needs to be removed to be activated. Final painting was done on the hand grip, magazine carts and other parts to make it a look alike of a HALO gun. Watch the video to see how amazing it gets.

Finally, the suit geared with HALO homemade rifle and helmet make it a good case for showing your passion in military arms (read as toys) or just making a style statement.

Cool HALO Rifle

Halo Recon AR

Finished Halo Recon AR

Halo Rifle with Helmet and Suit

In case you are thinking to purchase it from its maker, mind it that he is not really looking forward to sell since it took him 2 years (working occasionally) to get his dear rifle. But he has not ruled out the possibility of ebaying the item completely. Watch out!

Rifle Sideview

Halo Rifle in Mission

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Via: Gizmodo