Now Express Your Emotions Remotely with MeMe

Imagine a conversation without expressions. How flat and boring will it be, isn’t it? In fact our life without expressions would be literally lifeless. We always need someone to shower our feelings on, may be near or far. Letters, emails, phones, messages are all means intended to achieve one goal – to express ourselves.

But then how do you transmit facial expressions? Technology has no limits and every passing day makes this belief even firmer. Shane Crozier brings to us MeMe, the convenience of conveying emotional expressions beyond physical connectivity. MeMe is a cute 10mm polycarbonate figure that flashed facial expressions especially meant for the owner of that particular MeMe. Emoticons appear on the face of MeMe using the LED technology that is transmitted in real time.

So how does this work? There are two versions available that work on the mobile or the internet technology respectively. You can choose either. Having selected the version your next step would be to personalize the MeMe. It is a small figurine that can be given final personalized touches with the use of markers. You can create your own image or any other favorite image you would like to gift. Remember, the MeMe that you will be creating will not be for you but from you to your dear one.

The next thing you do is to gift your MeMe to your loved one. The emotions selected and sent by you will flash on your gifted MeMe in real time for a period of 2 minutes. The more MeMes you gift the bigger your network becomes and you never know – you might be setting up an emotional network for there will be so many of your little gifted figures that will be reflecting your emotions in so many hearts.

Face to face communication is supposed to be the best form of communication. However, this may not be possible at all times. MeMe at least ensures that we can convey our expressions at just about any time.

Emotions are an integral part of all our lives. Every relationship requires a healthy flow of expressions. Relationships are found at different levels and various turns of life and each one has a significance of its own. There may be a son waiting for an expression of pride from a father, a father waiting for love and understanding from a son/daughter, a wife wanting to keep in touch with a traveling husband and so many more such occasions. Emotions give life a meaning and MeMe can definitely help define those little moments.

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