Mooovie Zero Emissions Personal Vehicle Goes Everywhere

If you took the coolness of a transformer and put it into a practical setting, you’d probably get a concept much like the Mooovie, a zero emission personal vehicle. The Mooovie actually has 2 personal driving modes, one is sort of like a Segway Scooter (minus the balance controls I think you’re looking at something a little more traditional) which is a two wheeled mode allowing you to navigate narrow streets or move through traffic jams. As the original article states, it would also help as a personal golf cart (though given how much I see people drink on the course, maybe that’s not the best idea I’ve ever had).

Now the driving itself will actually be assisted by an “automatic drive mode” which helps the driver calculate and control the distant between cars. If you’re one of those guys who swervers around the lines, the vehicle will keep you in your designated lane. Naturally this would be helpful in a number of safety situations, but I wonder how that would hold up in the real world.

Driving mode number two would be a three wheeler for more mainstream driving like the highway or for just all around high speed fun. Apparently the second mode is optional, although what would be the point of a futuristic personal transportational vehicle without a cool transformation!? Mooovie, as you might have already guessed, will also be Internet ready (just about anything needs to be these days) allowing the user to share messages with other drivers (more options to text? really?). The wheels are rimless and actually has a built in digital display that you can put…well pretty much anything you want on it. I think I’d have to go with something particularly geeky, probably something from Akira or the various mecha animes out there. I think that’s really the best part of concept vehicles, you can do anything you want without having to worry about whether it will actually work. Of course you would need some fancy motorcycle gear like this Reevu Motorcycle Helmet. You could also keep your Hornet superbike as a backup in case your Mooovie is in the shop.

Via: Tuvie