Endoskeleton Model Of A Robotic Terminator!

I was little too young when I was first introduced to the character of Terminator; and could not have imagined a day when I can have my very own Terminator, an 18-inch tall robotic endoskeleton and a replica of the Terminator T-800.

Terminator T-800

If you are a die-hard Terminator fan it’ll be difficult for you to resist this temptation. For all you need to do is shell out $44.99 and get this champ home.

The Character of Terminator, a formidable robotic assassin and soldier was developed to eliminate human resistance. This horrifying image is enough to fossilize your friends. Its red colored electronic eyes light up when in action. Oh, I better not imagine the endoskeleton coming alive at night.

Fret no more, trust me, this robot would be your companion at home. If you closely follow the Terminator, you must read about the LEGO Terminator Bust and the endoskull of T-800 terminator in a fine chrome finish with acrylic teeth!

It is said that the original endoskeleton used the most powerful microprocessors of that time and was put in action by a powerful network of hydraulic servomechanisms. The T-800 also had a Neural Net Processor CPU, or “learning computer”, situated inside the endoskeleton’s skull and protected by inertial shock dampers. This means that the more it interacts with the humans the more it learns.