Official iPhone 4 Announcement: Introducing iOS 4

After attending the WWDC on the internet at home, I feel like I had the craziest moment watching a tech announcement. It was simply breath taking watching the Steve Jobs and Co. bring to the public what it even could not dream of. So, here are your eagerly, wildly, (need we say more) specs of the iPhone 4 with iOS 4. Apparently, the iOS  4.0 got the new name, got its share of i. And after you are through with this article and get a grip of the potential of the iPhone 4 and iOS, one word you would say, iSalute!

Official Update (June 23, 2010): Official iOS 4 Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G from the iPhone Dev Team.

Jailbreak Update: iOS 4 Jailbreak for Developers.

Lets take a ride on the spec-boat, naaah!, call it Spec-Ship.

iPhone 4 birds eye features


iPhone 4G Retina Display

iPhone 4 retina display difference and impact

Aesthetics is something Apple loves taking care about and often go crazy about this, like today. The iPhone HD brings a welcome addition in ‘Retina Display’ rated at 326 ppi, beyond the capability of your eye. It doubles up the pixels both ways and brings in 4x improvement from iPhone 3GS at the resoloution of 960×240 at the same screen size of 3.5 inches. Contrast ration is 800:1, heard of it? Is is the same you find in iPad. Yes, iPhone 3GS looks like ages old now and this is exactly how Apple cannibalizes (kills) its products to make a room for new ones. But we love this, right?


iPhone 4 camera features

iPhone 4 camera capability

iPhone 4 camera highlights

As seen with the iPhone 4G images, there is a front facing camera along with a 5MP rear camera with LED flash capable of recording video at 30 fps at 720p and supports 5x zoom. Welcome the new iPhone HD – Awesome!


iPhone 4 Battery Life

iPhone 4 environment care

Despite making it the thinnest device on earth measuring just 9.3 inches thick, Apple still managed to increase the battery size a bit and capabilities dramatically. The iPhone 4 battery promises 7 hours of 3G talk time, 6 hours of WalYou surfing on 3G while 10 hours on WiFi, 10 hours of video, as much as 40 hours of music.


iPhone 4 Gyroscope feature addition

iPhone 4 gaming improvement

iPhone 4 gaming software accessories

There are massive additions (in terms of software) for gamers too! More additions = More Addiction, that’s what Apple looks to aim at, and that equals more iAds, I kinda figured it out. What you think? Actually, you got ‘six axis’ motion control thanks to ‘Gyroscope’ which improves the experience and accuracy working alongside accelerometer and compass.

Finally a bird’s eye view on specs through a picture, it does equals a thousands words.

iPhone 4 birds eye vie of features

iPhone 4 more on features

We know you want one. If all goes well, you will be holding a real piece on June 24 if you pre-order it promptly on June 15 (Prices: iPhone 4 32 GB $299, iPhone 4 16GB $199, and iPhone 3GS $99). Remember the dates, otherwise follow the same fate of those Droid Incredible users who are still awaiting their phones.

A few more screenshots.

iPhone 4 search engines

iPhone 4 iBooks

iPhone 4 with iAd

Whats more, learn how to jailbreak iPhone 3.1.3 with Snowbreeze or try jailbreaking iPhone and iPad with spirit, till iPhone 4 with iAd and iOS hit the shelves of nearby store.

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