Chinese Concept: The Train that Never Stops

There have been many different Train concepts that aim to be the future of transportation, adding more speed, more room, more comfort and more features, but what about a new conceptual design looking to create a train that doesn’t need to stop?This innovative concept train by Jianjun Chen is made up of out of the box thinking and aims to save tremendous amount of time for passengers and train personnel.

Basically, the train is made up of the regular train compartment and also the ‘boarding/unboarding’ compartment. Passengers may board the ‘boarding’ compartment while waiting for the train to arrive at the station. As the train arrives, it slows down and is located beneath the ‘boarding’ platform, latching on and begining to carry the now boarded compartment. Passengers are then able to go down into the actual train and continue their journey. Moreover, as the train arrived at the station and picked up a new compartment, the previous station compartment was unlatched and was left at this current station, allowing passengers to board at their own time-constraint and leisure. Check out the video for a demonstration of the Non-stop Train.

Of course, this new Future Train concept is just that…a concept, but it is also an innovative one that aims for increased efficiency and time saving. I guess the major issues would be how to be able and populate tremendous amount of passengers on the small compartments and also what about an inertia problem that could occur when the train starts carrying the compartment or letting one go?

What do you think of such a concept, is it realistic or is it just a dream that could never become a reality? What other challenges do you see it needs to solve for it to become a possible design?

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Thanks Mickael for the tip 🙂