Video Game Console Font Design

Every geek has their own favorite Video Game Console which they prefer based on games, usability, graphics and additional features, but now we have a Gaming Font which could bring all those geeks together.

video game console font

Varun Vachhar must be a geek himself, for the thought of making an actual font based on the gaming consoles, hardware, controllers and more is a nice one to see surface.

gaming console font

He ended up making the entire Alphabet (and numbers) in one form or another, building it by the use of duplicate controllers, the various hardware, and in any combination in order to make the letter stand out. Still, he is modest enough to make a note asking for anyone that has better suggestions for “G” and “5”, to contact him for a more complete font.

video game console font design

For other cool creations, take a look at the Rubik’s Cube Font Generator, the Video Game Controllers Evolution or even the LOST Mosaic Images, which are made up of the words of the show.

Via: Geekologie