16 Awesome Robot Sculptures that are Larger than Life

Robots have been fascinating our lives for many years now, as they are introduced through movies, comics, TV and of course Hi Tech. Some are presented as evil doers and at other times they are even Robot Servants that aid to help and assist. Well, no matter which way you look at it, here is a cool collection of 16 Awesome Robot Sculptures that are Larger than Life who you do not have to fear from.

Transformers Sculptures

I have yet to meet anyone who does not just love the Transformers, and right here are a few awesome sculptures of the two most popular ones: Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

Optimus Prime Transformer Sculpture

optimus prime transformer sculpture steel image

This specific Optimus Prime Transformer Sculpture is made out of recycled steel taken out of various products, such as TV’s, Cars and additional bi-products. It stands at 2.5 meters tall and comes with a price tag of $7500.

Bumblebee Transformer Replica

bumblebee transformer replica sculpture image

As if to stand guard for a farm owner, this giant Bumblebee Transformer Replica is a sight to the eyes. It was created by Tom Rhodes from Lemoore, California and stands at a whooping 18 feet tall.

Giant Robot Mecha Statues

Giant Gundam Robot

gundam robot statue image

Made in Japan, this Giant Gundam Robot took five long years to develop and build completely. The Gundam statue measures 18 meters and it even emits light and shoots out mist from 14 different points, making for an amazing sculpture to look up to.

Giant Mecha Robot

giant mecha robot statue image

The giant Mecha robot also took a while to create but stands at only 18 feet (only). It is not as ‘colorful’ to the eye, but fans would appreciate it nonetheless.

Gigantor Replica Statue

gigantor robot statue image

Known mostly as Gigantor, the manga automaton Tetsujin 28 was created in Kobe, Japan as a tribute to the character and theme. For Manga fans, it gives another great reason to visit Japan and see it is reality.

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Coke Vending Machine Robots

coca cola robot vending machine image

You really do not have to be a Coke fan to just love these Coke Vending Machine Robots seen in Japan. At the moment, only Coke and Coke Zero are offered and hopefully more drinks in the near future. If one of these walked next to you, would you buy a drink or run for your life?

Little Big Man

little big man kinetic robot sculpture

This awesome Kinetic Robot was created by Nemo Gould and is carrying another robot within its belly. It is a sculpture called Little Big Man and involves an additional robot moving within its abdomen, in order to create a simultaneous moving object recreation.

Nissan DUALIS Mecha Suit

nissan dualis robot sculpture image

Made as a prop to display for Nissan, the Nissan Dualis Mecha Suit is 3.5 meters tall, looks amazing and was even spotted in a few commercials.

Guan Yu – God of War

guan yu chinese god of war image

This is a rather new addition to giant robot sculptures, and it pays respect to Guan Yu, the 3rd century General of Shu. It was built by some students from China’s Central Academy Of Fine Arts using only parts of an old truck, besides the face and blade being actual original parts.

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Giant Armored Trooper VOTOMS Sculpture

armored trooper votoms statue image

This awesome sculpture in ode of the 1980’s Anime series was built in Japan in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Japan Iron and Steel Federation.

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Forest Fire Prevention Robot Model

fire prevention robot model image

This awesome Robot by Jordan Guelde is just a model, but it still provides an awesome illustration by scale with little humans and also concept. The cool robot is a concept of a futuristic robot that will assist in Forest Fire Prevention by being able to get right into the heat and help the mortals put it out.

Lost In Space B-9 Robot

lost in space b9 robot replica

For the old school fans, here is a Lost In Space B-9 Robot Replica that is full of extreme detail and is even remote controlled for an extra toy in the home. It does have a price tag of $24,500 but is also a limited edition replica.

Robot Statue at Ghibli

giant robot statue ghibli image

Here is another Robot out in the wild that was captured in its true nature (and showing exact scale) by Colleen. It looks rather menacing, but since it is a statue…the happy couple has nothing to fear.

Bonus: Awesome Robot Craft

Polystyrene Giant Robot Sculpture

giant polystyrene robot image

Here is an outstanding Robot craft that brings up a 22 foot tall robot made out of Polystyrene. It may not be as environmentally friendly as you would hope for, but it does make a great stand.

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Homemade Styrofoam Robot

styrofoam robot replica imge

Although this specific Styrofoam Robot is not as large as the other, it is full of detail and makes us respect the maker. It was built by Kevin Kelly and his son as a family project with great results.

Wooden Robot Suit

wooden robot suit image

An amazing Woodworking craft by Michael T Rea that makes for a true Robot suit for an individual to sit in. IT may not be able to put out forrest fires, climb skyscrapers or fight in space, but it is an absolutely awesome creation to the finest detail.