Its Time Now To Wear A Radar Watch On Your Wrist

Radar or watch? Well, I would raise my hand for a watch. The choice was quite obvious for a watch ‘watcher’ like me. On an online watch hunting spree, I came across a radar inspired watch. It looks absolutely ‘out of this world’ and this is exactly what attracts me to this watch. I would ideally like to believe that it is a deadly combination, which functions both like a watch as well as a radar.

radar watch 2

I am one of those watch freak, who would set aside a portion of my monthly income to spend on watches and this watch seems to be worth buying. The Radar Watch has been designed by Alexey Bykov. Unfortunately there is no information on the availability and the price.
You can have your best time with this watch around while trekking, racing, expeditions, some other adventure sports. The radar would prompt you the altitude, range, direction and speed. Well,did you know that radar can detect objects at a range where sound and light emissions are too weak to detect?
radar watch1
Coming back to the watch; the interface isn’t all that complicated. The radar grid conveniently divides the circle into twelve sections from outside. Although inside the dial, you can find four divisions. The black strap of the watch compliments the green black color combination of the dial.
I also came across two other watch concepts which seemed to interest me. One being a futuristic concept which puts time on air and the other one is for the math geeks to dig.