How To Play Doctor Who Theme on Guitar

Doctor Who is the world’s longest running science fiction series of all time. It has been on air since 1963 with a few years gap. Produced by BBC, the theme music of Doctor Who was the first theme entirely realised through electronic means in the world.

doctor who theme 1

Electro-Harmonix has now chosen to recreate that amazing electronic theme of Doctor Who using just a regular guitar and EHX effect pedals. They did not use keyboards, samplers or midi pickups to create those electronic sounds which are quite surprising indeed.

You could also learn how to recreate the Doctor Who theme using your guitar by following their tutorial link or watching the video (guitar begins at 1:42). The recreated Doctor Who theme eerily resembles the original, and apart from all the guitar techniques, you might also need some patience to really learn how to recreate it. Apart from that, it seems like a really exciting thing to do.

doctor who theme 2

Perhaps with practice you could also recreate other electronic songs on your guitar without an ounce of help from digital technology or even other instruments. You could also take a look at the Giana 64, which is an 8-bit “Keytar” mod. There is also another 8 Bit Arcade Guitar that might interest you, along with the Steampunk Guitar.

Thank you Bill for the info!