Game Boy Arcade Mod Rocks, Just Don’t Turn out the Lights

Far be it from me to complain about a mod like this mini game boy arcade, which looks like the real thing, only smaller. Many mods like to improve upon the more classic versions of themselves. This  miniature arcade gaming table , for example, has all of the retro coolness of an arcade machine, but brings the added feature of an LED backlight provided by an Asus netbook, along with the additional functionality of being able to load even more arcade game goodness through the use of ROMs. That’s probably an unfair comparison, given the fact that this is a much simpler mod and it still looks awesome. I think I’m just embittered about all those years I tried to play my original game boy in the dark. Even with the “light” add-on, it was a crapshoot, and later hand-held consoles with lighted screens were a godsend.

I particularly like the theme going on here, since both the mario game boy games and pokemon were staples for the console, even more so than future iterations of the game boy. The teeny tiny joystick worries me a little, but maybe that’s because I’m afraid I’d break it off with these fat sausages I call fingers, and the controls themselves are otherwise well displayed. As you can see from the picture, the back end of the game boy is still open, so switching out to other games, charging it back up, or even listening to headphones are all readily accessible functionalities.

The original post did mention that you could grab one of these for $149.99 on E-bay, but it appears the listing has been removed. That may seem pretty steep for a tiny arcade game mod, but I’m sure a lot of these pieces take hours of work to put together. And besides, the coolness factor alone makes it practically a collector’s item, right? I say yes, but unfortunately my wallet disagrees. Still, I can guarantee you it would cost less than this full size Pac-man lego arcade game. I mean the legos alone would cost a fortune without tacking on the additional cost of man hours (you try putting together a lego arcade machine one block at a time) and of course the arcade gaming equipment as well.

Via: Albotas