17 Geeky Hand Grenade Inspired Gadgets and Designs

These are the times when most countries are grappling with issues related to terrorism and internal disturbances. With so many insurgents and militants taking over much of the time of armed forces around the world, hand grenades have become one of the most commonly used military weapons in the battlefield.

Of course, there is nothing novel about a hand grenade and they have been used for ages. However, since it has been used for so long, it indicates that the grenades are versatile and can withstand the test of time. A funny twist to the story is added when we discover several grenade inspired gadgets.

These gadgets could be a great source of joy to those geeks who wished to be in the army, but never got a chance to. Here are some of the coolest Hand Grenade inspired gadgets that we have come across.

Pacman Grenade Design

Pacman has hardly got anything to do with grenades. However, a certain designer has thought upon a sinister Pacman inspired Grenade gadget that looks like a concept for a grenade. It perhaps is a great way to flush out terrorists who play Pacman secretly.

Hand Grenade Alarm Clock

Those who find it hard to get up in the morning need to hear a loud noise to help them wake up. The Hand Grenade Alarm Clock does just that, and gives you an “explosive” start in the morning.

Grenade Piggy Bank

You might have heard about kids who always try to break open the piggy bank to check how much cash is in there. The Grenade Piggy Bank could be a great gift to children who need to learn how to save money, but also know that lack of money could lead to “explosive situations”.

Grenade Oil Lamp

There isn’t much to say about the Grenade Oil Lamp except that it could be a metaphor for the ongoing struggle for peace and light. However, the darkness of the world seems to be quite strong, and the lone grenade cannot get rid of the insurgencies and militancy that the world faces today.

MP3 Music Player Grenade Mod

This is not an MP3 player that has been modded to look like a grenade, but it is an actual Grenade Turned into an MP3 Player. One must never try modding this ever, unless you want to be blown up.

Sonic Grenade

This is a sick trick that you could play on your co-workers. Imagine how tedious it must be to work in a cubicle. What better way than to launch a Sonic Grenade to shake the victim from the daily humdrum?

Laughter Grenade

Grenades could be a symbol of violence and struggle, but they could also indicate that peace would soon follow. In order to remove the terror from grenades, a designer has created the Laughter Grenade Gadget, which sure would tickle your bones.

Grenade Mouse

No geek list can be complete without a mouse running up and down. This Grenade Mouse is a little too extreme, but it sure could make you work harder for you would want to use it more often.

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Grenade Screwdriver Set

Geeks may not be much into mechanics, and it may be more of a thing for macho men. However, modding and creating new gadgets require tools that are used by hard core mechanics. Thus, this Grenade Screwdriver Set could be a great gift to some geek who needs a little innovation in his or her life.

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RAP4 Soundflash Trip Wire Grenade

The RAP4 Soundflash Trip Wire Grenade is used to simulate realistic training scenarios for personnel who work with law or the military. It can be made more realistic by filling it with liquid paint or smoke simulation powder. This is serious stuff!

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Hand Grenade USB Drive

Like the ubiquitous mouse, the USB drive is an inseparable part of a geek’s life. These Grenade USB Drives could be one of the most innovative USB drives that I have ever come across.

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Vestal Grenade Watch

Many people who are not into tour-billions and Horological devices find it difficult to find a watch that is fun, and entertaining. The Vestal Grenade Watch is a great way to kill the monotony of classic watches which get a little too tiresome after sometime.

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Hand Grenades Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is still months away, but we just can’t wait till then to create a little cheer around us, can we? These Hand Grenades Christmas Ornaments could be an explosive way to begin hunting for your Christmas decorations for the year 2010.

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Grenade Cigarette Lighter

There have been many cigarette lighters that look like guns or pistols. However, this unique and vintage Grenade Cigarette Lighter beats them all. It could also mean that smoking is terrible and could be as dangerous as handling a grenade.

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Grenade Salt & Pepper Shakers

We all wish for a really lip smacking dinner, when we have one of those special dinners. These Grenade Salt & Pepper Shakers would add the extra zing to your dinner.

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Sound Grenade application

Sound Grenade App can be used as an irritant to drive away people around you. Once installed on your iPhone, it can generate sounds that are most annoying to the human ears.

Hand Grenade Cellphone Concept

This is obviously a grenade, or a clay model of a grenade painted like a cellphone. I am wondering what the person who created this was actually thinking. That “I shall call you up, and explode your ears”?

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While all these grenade inspired gadgets are cool, one must spare a thought to those who really handle the live hand grenades. They risk their lives and limbs in order to protect their nations.