The iPad Guitar Mod Rocks Out

There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to iPhones, iPod touches, and of course the recently released iPad. Thousands of developers have flocked to the platform, producing countless apps, creating functionality that I (and many others) would never have thought possible. This iPad guitar is just one example of how you can take a seemingly innocuous app and turn it into a full fledged musical machine.

The iPad guitar was actually created from a number of different apps and of course gadgetry. It utilizes Aurora Sound Studio and Kaoss pad and I have to admit I was pretty impressed with some of tracks this guy can lay down. If you’re curious yes, the guy (Franz) is offering to sell his rather odd looking guitar. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a price on the piece. From the looks of it I’d have to believe it would cost a pretty penny, though certainly much less than I might think of the iPad doesn’t come with (I doubt it does very much).

Given the fact that I have little to no musical talent, the iPad guitar isn’t exactly up my alley, but it’s damn cool nonetheless. I bet this would make a great gift for an iPad enthusiast near you, since apparently there are millions of ravenous fans out there ready and willing to empty their wallets for the latest Apple technology, no matter what it happens to be. Thus far I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, I seem to get along ok with just my normal sized ipod touch. I’d just bet one of my good friends would jump at the chance to own one of these though. Especially given some of the tracks this guy manages to pull out.

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Via: Gadgetsteria