A Cellphone Made Of Wood: NeoWood Cobra

At a time when everyone is trying to lay their hands on the latest and most unique cellphone, here has arrived a mobile phone made of wood! The neoWood Cobra limited edition phone from Thalbach Design Manufactoryis surely going to be an eye catcher. For it really looks cool. But before you snub it off as just another one of those “oh it looks so different but has no feature” cellphone, just read on.

wooden_designphone_neoWood cobra

Making use of the cult PDA neonode N2, which happens to be the smallest touchscreen mobile, these people have raised the bar for what is achievable in mobile design. Despite the small size, the cellphone has all the regular features like calendar, contacts, alarm, notes, web-browser etc. And if you want the camera, MP3 player, and the other entertainment options, then you have got that too! By utilising the zForce(TM)-Technology, the neoWood responds to touch. Changing the SIM card might be tricky but these people will be happy to help you with that. Along with the phone, you will also get a 1GB MiniSD card, high quality earphones, charger, USB-cable and a user’s manual. Personalised engraving is also done by them.

wooden_designphone_neoWood Cobra mobile

My only problem is that the N2 neonode technology does not come with a warranty. The warranty is limited to the cellphone case. If you still want this unique piece then feel free to look it up. A wooden phone. Hmm…I wonder what’s coming next. Till then admire this unique creation.

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Thanks Markus for the tip!