Cute Star Wars Character Lamps Light Up Your Life

Imagine for a moment you are sleeping on a Saturday after a long night of gaming and partying. You rollover groggily, finally starting wake up wondering hazily why there are a pare of dark black eyes staring you, belonging to none other then Darth Vader! Well now you can recreate that experience with these Star Wars character lamps, featuring a number of different characters from the series.

Now you’ll immediately notice that here aren’t any good guys here on the list, just Vader, Boba Fett, and your generic Stormtrooper guy. The reason for this is likely that people who wear helmets seem to fit the design best, and the rebel alliance has giant goofy helmets that would look silly on a lamp anyway. That’s just my theory, but don’t frett, we still have a lot to offer here. The design of the lamps is shockingly cute, and each brings their own distinct flavor. We’ve seen similar character designs around Walyou, which take seemingly hard and edgy characters and convert them into cuteness. Some examples include this Little Iron Man or these Comic Book Amigurumi Dolls.

If you’re looking for some specs on these, here they are. They measure 15″ high and each one comes infused with an LED alarm clock. No word yet on whether it uses a generic alarm sound or your favorite quotes from the movies. I think that’s just wishful thinking on my part, although Boba seems softspoken in the movies, so he wouldn’t really have much to say anyway. Of course if you want Boba Fett to play your music for you, they also have an audio input and a speaker for mp3 playback if you so choose. Unfortunately you won’t be able to pick one up right at the immediate moment, even though I might be willing to pull the trigger on it. They cost a modest $49.99, not bad at all considering what you’re getting for the price. They’ll be available starting in September but you can pre-order them now.

Via: Unplggd