Virta Android SDK for x86 Smartphones and Tablets

The technical world is yet again happy for one of its launch named Aava Mobile’s Hardware Enhanced Virta Android SDK for x86 Smartphones and Tablets. This announcement has been made just at the right time for Computex 2010.

Virta Android SDK

Especially developed for Android Developers this new hardware enhanced software developer kit enables writing applications for smartphones and tablets that are running the newest Intel Atom Z6xx Series Processors.

For those of you who wish to know a little more about Virta Android SDK, let us tell you that it is a fully functioning x86 smartphone that comes pre-loaded with a tailormade Android SDK for Intel Atom processors.

Virta Android SDK 1

Virta Android has been created by Aava Mobile in order to give application developers a real world device for developing and testing. This new product is cross compatible with almost all the current Android SDK software. Moreover, it comes with a capacitive touch screen, GPS, accelerometer, haptic feedback and video/ still camera.

Virta Android comes with a GSM/EDGE quad band and WCDMA triple-band modem along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all antennae connectivity for a complete application testing. You will be glad to know that Virta Android is the only phone factor for developing and testing Android platforms and applications that can run on Intel Atom based devices.

Virta Android SDK 2

Virta Android h-SDK is a creation created in cooperation with Intel. It has been validated and hardened by Wind River for Android. Ixonos and Teleca are some of the application developers that are already using a beta version of this new development called, Virta Android.

For those of you who are keen in getting Aava Mobile’s Virta Android h-SDK, let us tell you that it can be pre-ordered right now at Aava. The new h-SDK will be ready for shipping in the third quarter of 2010.

Virta Android SDK 3

While developing this platform, the basic aim of the developers was to develop a stable and feature complete platform for fastest time to market. To meet this need, Aava Mobile licensed the Wind River Platform for Android by offering one of the most reliable software foundations optimized for the Intel based device’s capabilities.

Aava Mobile  was thoughtful in creating Virta Android SDK, as it required a speedy development of Google’s Android applications for its x86 smartphones and tablets. In case, you wish to know little more about Aava Mobile, then let us tell you that it was founded in 2009 by an expert team of engineering wizards for the OEM/ODM market with a strong background in mobile phone development.

The appealing reference design of Aava’s Mobile is based on the famous Intel Atom Processor Z6xx Series. At present, smartphones use under powered chips for conserving battery life but this invention will change the whole scenario. Aava Mobile’s x86 smartphone’s reference design meets the demand for more powerful mobiles that can easily be fitted in the pocket and can work for an entire day with one battery charge.
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