A Race Track On Your Wrist that Tells Time

A hundred years ago, give or take a few years, a wristwatch was looked down upon by men. Said to be a ladies’ accessory, men preferred to carry a pocket watch. Fast forward to the present and a pocket watch seems like something which men would hate to carry now. A wristwatch has become synonymous with a mix of style and utility.

Although there is a huge difference between the modern wristwatch and its older counterpart, they do share one common feature, the hour, the minute and the second hands which have always been the time tellers. But now Speed Track has gone ahead and changed this as well. By introducing a new way to tell time, Speed Track has gotten rid of those little hands on a wrist watch altogether.

So what is a Speed Track you might wonder? Well, it is a wrap-around wristwatch concept from Tokyoflash with an oval shaped interface but instead of the hands it has rings to display the time. The interface has two rings, which look like a race-track, out of which the outer ring represents the hour and the inner ring as the 5 minutes gap. Inside the inner ring are four bars which are the single minutes and a very small ring which is the 10 second group. Reading time on this watch is very much like telling time on an ordinary watch. A highly futuristic design, the watch looks like something out of the star-trek movie. The matte black strap is simple yet looks very state-of-the-art and the cyan colored rings are pleasant on the eyes.

The watch however is not free from flaws. The first question that springs to mind upon looking at the device is why this watch is important when a simple wristwatch, which is available widely, would do. The time-telling technique is similar to the regular watch, which raises questions about the uniqueness of Speed Track. Also for some interpreting time can be a little problematic, considering the fact that most of us are used to the good old way to tell time. As far as the looks go they are quite contemporary but then again the use is very limited and might not be suitable for every occasion. The missing numbers on the watch can be misleading for some and people might assume it to be some high-tech gadget instead of a simple wristwatch.

All said and done, Speed Track has opened up doors for the future making it possible for young minds across the world to think outside the box. And while some may complain about the missing simplicity of the old wrist watch, the sheer brilliance and innovation takes the cake finally.

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