Microsoft Unveils Project Natal, Renamed as Kinect

The famous project Natal from Microsoft which promised you never seen before gaming experience might soon become a household reality. It is about unleashing the beast inside you without the boundaries of your controller. In order to do something, you actually have to do it, no more controller beating in the couch. Get up now, you should!

First an ad cracked up on the website ‘Console Tribe’, as reported by Joystiq, which revealed a slimmer Xbox 360 with 250GB hard disk and built in WiFi but above all, compatibility with project Natal – which looks like has been renamed to Kinect – to take the gaming to the next level.

Kinect Avatar

Watch this video to get the feel of Kinect.

It’s just not about the ad, in fact, Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox 360 to demonstrate Kinect capabilities and fun that follows. While the pricing is rumored at $150, November release looks pretty confirmed.

Microsoft Kinect

So, here is what you need to know to get the grip of what’s coming next in gaming:

  • Microsoft guys played soccer and other games at the unveiling event and it was the same way you expected. Controller is no more a barrier and you actually move up, down, left and right in whatever angles you think good (or required) to play a game. Although Soccer did not allow more than one person at a time, river rafting or mining cart games supported two players to level up the fun.
  • If a player joins in-between in a game like mining cart, the screen splits itself immediately into two two welcome the newcomer. In Soccer, a jump is what player needs to get the controls to him. More updates could be expected to make the process easy and wonderful.
  • but the game which stole the show was ‘Star Wars’. It went exactly how you would want it to and you do some real fancy fight stuff. In particular, the one-on-one duel with Sith lord was amusing!
  • Now you can perform your yoga on the Xbox itself and that too along with friends at Xbox Live, while at home. You avatar moves as you move, thanks to Kinect.
  • There was a cute version of gaming though. It’s Kinectimals, the baby tiger pet simulator. Scratch the baby tiger’s head, teach him little funny things, have fun!
  • If you feel like dancing, overjoyed by the upcoming gaming experience that looks so solid, then there is a game for that too. Developed by MTV games, the dance central will let you perform your dance steps in real manner which you can’t do on any other gaming platform.

Lets take a look at interface now. It happens to be easy and really handy because your hand literally controls the movement. A back movement after waving it to relevant place, would perform the click function. The dashboard controls are also there to make it more easy and you would like the presence of Twitter, Facebook, Zune and Netfilx icons.

Via Engadget