Now Take a Phone Book Backup on Sim Card Notebook!

Close your eyes, imagine yourself doodling on a simcard. Yes I am talking about Subscriber Identity Module, and this is no mental exercise. You can have this simcard notebook for yourself. All you got to do is just log on to the and drop it on your cart for $3.49.
Isn’t it an eye opener to the world where ordinary items can take extra ordinary shapes? Well you can pen down what ever you feel like on this 135mmX88mm notebook. If you own it then the prerogative is all yours. Infact, at one place it was described as a funky iconic SIM style address books. Ahh…a phone data back up! I really wish I had this product earlier as my phone got screwed last week and lost all the new numbers on it. Gawd! Why did it have to go into the water? The other time when this product can come handy is when God forbid, you loose your mobile phone or have to export your contact details on to your new upgraded phone.
Be prompt! As prevention is better than cure. You must be wondering if the data can be automatically transferred from your actual sim card to this sim book and then to the new sim card. You can’t always have shortcuts in life. You could read more about other cool stuff like a wooden cell phone or the android versions.
Via: Random Good Stuff