TACT – A ‘Tactful’ Way of Reading Time with Braille Codes

For an easier lifestyle and to create a sense of independence, there are a wide range of devices and gadgets for the visually impaired. Well, but you’d agree the most basic thing they’d definitely require is a watch. And thus, brilliant minds and hard work resulted in various needle-based wrist watches; just touch the hands to know the time.TACT – A ‘Tactful’ Way of Reading Time

TACT – A ‘Tactful’ Way of Reading Time (2)

But unfortunately, the watches with needles have a big set back, there are chances of the time-needles to break, bend or shift unintentionally. So to overcome these defaults, the great mastermind Julien Bergignat came but with an awesome concept, using Braille characters.

TACT – A ‘Tactful’ Way of Reading Time (3)

Tagged as “Tact”, the watch is indeed designed in the most amazing tactful manner, which I guess you too will agree, once you know how it functions. Well, the watch is designed to in a very easy manner, for example, the word “time” is plated in Braille to show the direction the time should be read in.

TACT – A ‘Tactful’ Way of Reading Time (4)

Using Braille enhances the appearance of the watch too, giving it a very sophisticated edge over the needle-based watches.  That’s definitely a masterstroke to prove the best technology meeting the social cause! The watch has two rotating circles. For reading the time, the hours are marked along the central circle while the secondary circle shows the minutes, as shown in the pictures.

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That’s not it. To make life more simpler for the visually impaired, technology is put at its best use with the Navigation Concept for the Visually Impaired and the Portable Braille Interface.