20 Cool Father’s Day Beer Gadgets, Toys and Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to get him that special gift then making it a Beer inspired Gadget, toy or product? In order to give you some great Beer themed Father’s Day gift ideas, we gathered here 20 Cool Beer Gadgets and Toys any Father would love.

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Fun and Bizarre Beer Gadgets and Toys

The following are some pretty bizarre Beer Gadgets which only the geekiest of Dads would really appreciate.

Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler

remote controller beer cooler beer gadget 2010

Lazy Dads or Geeky Fathers would see this invention as a dream come true. It is a remote controlled cooler to hold all your Beers, so when you are watching the World Cup or any other sport, you can remain in your seat and have your drinks come to you.

It runs for only $69.95.

Personal Beer Garden

beer garden fathers day beer gadget 2010

It may not be as techy as the others, but this garden helps to grow Beer, so it should get most Father’s attention right away. The cool Beer Garden comes with everything needed to grow barley, hops, and wheat, which are the three main ingredients of Beer.

The Beer Garden goes for only $24.99.

Beer Shooting Gun

beer gun fathers day beer gadgets 2010

If you want to mix weapons and beer without the danger, then the Beer Shooting Gun could be the perfect toy. It uses a regular can of beer (or other beverage) and would simply be an easy way to shoot Beer at a rival or in your own mouth.

The Beer Gun is $22.99.

Beer Bong Gadget

beer bong fathers day beer gadgets 2010

For another fun Beer toy that would just help you drink quicker, try the Beer Bong. Just like the old ways of getting an individual to drink a lot really really quick, this is simply an actual product to do so in a neater and more convenient way.

Pint of Beer iPhone Cover

beer iphone case fathers day beer gadgets 2010

Since the iPhone is so popular, there is a good chance your Father owns one, and if he also likes Beer, then this Pint of Beer iPhone Cover would make a great gift. You can say that he will always has a beer when his iPhone is around.

Poolside Beer Pong

poolside beer pong fathers day beer gadgets 2010

The Poolside Beer Pong is a wonderful Father’s Day toy for those who love to interact in a friendly pool game of drinking and sports.

The Poolside Pong is only $33.

Beer Soap

beer soap fathers day beer gadgets 2010

Nothing says you are clean unless you use the Beer Soap, which uses some of the most famous Brands of Beer within the soap ingredients.

Cruising Cooler

cruising beer cooler fathers day beer gadgets 2010

This is a few levels up from the regular cooler many use to keep their beers cold. With the Cruising Beer Cooler, a Beer lover could both stock up on Beers and also take a ride to the local friends without needing an additional vehicle. Note: Drinking and Driving is not encouraged…even on this cooler.

Wizz Banger Club

wizz banger golf club fathers day beer gadgets 2010

The Wizz Banger Golf Club is a perfect Father’s Day gift for the Golfing Dad. If he likes to drink Beers between swings, the Wizz Banger will give him a place to go to the Bathroom (#1) without having to step off of the course.

Heineken Beer Keg Amp

heineken-beer-keg amp fathers day beer gadgets 2010

Some Dads are also musicians, and if they like Heineken Beer, then they would simply adore the Heineken Beer Keg Amp. This is a great mod developed out of the mini Beer keg and is functional to play your rocking tunes.

Beer Loading Shirt

beer t shirt fathers day beer gadgets 2010

Geeky Dads would appreciate the combo of Beer and Tech with the Beer Loading T Shirt.

This Beer shirt is only $15.99-17.99.

Beer Bottle Openers

The Remote Control Bottle Opener

remote control bottle opener fathers day beer gadgets 2010

When watching their favorite Sports Team, most loved TV Show or a good movie, this Remote Control Bottle Opener keeps the power in hand and also serves as a great practical opener that is always around.

Duff Bottle Opener Hat

duff hat bottle opener fathers day beer gadgets 2010

The Simpsons fans who love beers are definitely aware of Duff Beer, and here is a cool Duff branded hat that also includes a built in Bottle Opener. Can anyone ask for anything more?

It costs only $20.

Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

beer magnet bottle opener fathers day beer gadgets 2010

Instead of always having to find the bottle opener in your Kitchen Drawers, the Fridge Magnet one keeps it always nearby. It attaches to your Refrigerator and as soon as you take your beer out of the Fridge, you can open it.

The Fridge Magnet Beer opener costs only $19.99.

Bottle Opener Cuff Links

bottle openers cuff links fathers day beer gadgets 2010

These are great fashion cuff links which don’t only look good but can keep a Bottle Opener with you throughout your night.

These cuff links are $49.99 for a set.

Bottle Opener Belt

bottle opener belt fathers day beer gadgets 2010

Instead of having a bottle opener attached to your keychain and filling up your pocket, the bottle opener belt gives the same practicality and holds up your pants at the same time.

The Bottle Opening Belt runs for $14.99.

Cool Beer Glasses and Steins

World of Warcraft Steins

world of warcraft steins fathers day beer gadgets 2010

Geek Dads would really appreciate the detail and tribute to the game with these World of Warcraft Steins which makes it a special occasion when drinking a beer.

The WoW Steins run for $99.99.

Giant Beer Glass

giant beer glass fathers day beer gadgets 2010

Some Fathers do not enjoy having to drink one beer at a time, so here comes the Giant Beer Glass which has the capacity to hold 5 individual beers inside.

The Giant Beer Glass costs only $14.99

Atari Arcade Pint Glasses

atari arcade glasses fathers day beer gadgets 2010

Old School Dads can really enjoy a Pint Beer with the Atari Arcade Pint Glasses, which come in four different designs (all 4 in one 4 pack).

The 4 Glass set goes for $29.99.

Upside Down Beer Glass

upside down beer glass fathers day beer gadgets 2010

This cool Beer Glass design is actually called the hopside Down and is designed like an upside down beer.

The Hopside Down glass is only $19.99.