These Steampunk Guns are Dazzling and Dangerous

Colonel J Fizziwig is a troubled man. The mayor of the town has ordered the colonel to get rid off the dirty rotten scoundrels causing mayhem on the streets. It is impossible for the average citizen to walk the city streets after sunset. But worry not for the steampunk guns are here to the rescue.

Robbery and murder have become the daily diet of this gothic town. The mayor’s own daughter had a nasty encounter two moons ago. Something had to be done and the mayor could think of no one else but his trusted superintendent of police, Colonel Fizziwig. The orders to the chief of police were plain and simple – clean the streets no matter what.

Colonel Fizziwig sits in his study on a cold, moonless night racking his overworked brain for a solution. Dressed in black overalls, a shiny black pipe juts out of the colonel’s mouth. The colonel rocks his wooden chair back and forth…back and forth…when he suddenly stops. He has a brainwave.

Immediately gathering sheets of plain paper, the colonel begins to sketch out the solution: three heavy-duty guns that will make any thug wet his pant and call out for mommy.

The colonel, mayor, and the gothic town are all imaginary, but the three heavy-duty guns are very much real. The three guns are finely crafted pieces of Steampunk Weapons.

The first of the three kickass guns is called ‘Big Daddy’: A thick black piece, capable of firing six simultaneous rounds that would completely destroy anything in your path. The mere sight of its XXL-sized cylinder will drive fear into your enemy.

The ‘Liberator’ has a brown wooden grip topped by a solid, monster sized, quadruple nozzle built for one singular purpose: shoot before you speak. Compared to the black monotone of Big Daddy, the Liberator has a more colorful aesthetic to it. The brown grip blends into the grey metallic body of the gun with gold colored brass valves.

‘Combobulator’ is the third and the most exotic of the three Steampunk guns. The grip of this fantasy gun is covered in black leather and resembles the handle of a hunting knife. If the enemy gets too close for comfort, you could probably throw the gun and thwart the advances of the enemy. The Combobulator is the most streamlined among the three guns and has a red color motif.

The three blasters, apart from being must have toys, are also fun props to take to a costume ball. I bet no one would dare mess with you. These are available in the range of $39.99 to $59.99, in case you wish to buy them.

If you are heavily drawn towards these guns, make sure you also go through Electromagnetic Coilgun and Steampunk Knife Gun Weapon.

12 thoughts on “These Steampunk Guns are Dazzling and Dangerous

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  2. Dave.

    These are just so darned cute! Just look at the little, tiny pressure gauges. Stay back ruffians, or I shall be forced to discombobulate you with my Combobulator!

  3. Aim.

    Even if it was real, the first gun couldn’t shoot it’s whole cylinder at once without destroying the frame. But it does look better than my kids’ Nerf guns. The paint job, that is.

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  7. Gerry.

    Yup, they’re cute props but with the popularity growing it’ll just be a matter of time before some near-blind, near-retirement security guard or officer sees one and opens fire with a REAL weapon. Remember, kiddies, the guys with the REAL guns shoot to kill and are not role playing…..

    Don’t point nothin’ at nobody on the street.


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