Watch Your iPad Walk Away with its Beady Eyes

When iPad was invented, all the Apple geeks surely got a chance to carry their beloved gadget everywhere they went to show their dedication. How about having your favorite gadget follow your footsteps around you? Check out this adorable walking iPad just like the iPhone robot.
ipad walking robot
Apple lovers have always succeeded in adding fun to its gadgets to increase the geeky mania. Well, this time an Apple geek had definitely given justice to the most worthy gadget iPad by giving it a total new avatar no one could have thought of, a walking iPad! Definitely you must have seen iPhone robot earlier, but this iPad model is just one of its kinds, standing on cute little legs ready to follow its master.
Definitely, it adds on some exciting fun to the iPad, and has definitely shown signs of technology with creativity with this adorable robot, that stares with huge beady eyes to capture all the attention around its path. Well, agreed it doesn’t walk completely straight on its tiny legs, but it is definitely a masterstroke to make this gadget wobble through the aisle.
Unfortunately, there aren’t any instructions yet of how to build it on your own, but has given us a way to bond with all the Apple devices in a unique way ever, giving it a robotic feature to add a livelier effect.
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