Mr Potato Head Elvis Presley is Definitely the King of Rock and Roll

He was called the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ or simply ‘the King’. Born in 1935, Elvis Presley went on to become the most popular American singer of the 20th Century and a cultural icon. He passed away at the early age of 42 but the legacy that he left behind has not been equaled. Till date there are close to 15,000 Elvis-licensed products which are equally popular among all generations.

Elvis look alike figures have been around for a long time now and can be found in every Elvis fan’s house. However, the latest toy in this category is quite different from the ones that we have seen till now. Our age old Mr Potato Head can now be seen in an Elvis Presley version.

Mr Potato Head as Presley will be setting the stage on fire with his grand debut in August 2010 celebrating the Elvis Tribute Week in Graceland. In this version Mr Potato Head is dressed in a white jump suit, has Elvis style hair and carries accessories like the guitar and a microphone. The spud is being released with iconic accessories that represent Elvis’s memorable performances.

Adding on to the joys of the fans a second version will be released later in the year which will have the Elvis spud dressed in a black leather suit. This will be quite similar to the 1968 Special Performance. Different versions are being released and each one will carry its own set of accessories. But hold on, these accessories are compatible with any version. So you are not stuck with only one or two kinds of Elvis spuds but can interchange the styles and create a one of your own.

This Elvis spud is definitely a take off from the earlier collectibles of the Rock star. At the same time it also gives Mr Potato Head an all new make over. As of now Mr Potato Head was a toy very popular among kids. In earlier versions we have seen him appear as characters associated with children. There have been Spud Lightyear and Woody from the movie Toy Story, Iron Man, Playskool Mr and Mrs Potato Head and the like. For the first time it is being merged with a character popular mostly among the older generation. And what a character! It not only expands the audience range for Mr Potato Head but also introduces the younger generation to the ‘King of Rock and Roll’. This is a sure keeper for all fans of Elvis and Mr Potato Head.

This is a must keep collectible for all the Elvis Presley fans. You can also take a look at Elvis Robot Replica and Elvis Earphones.

Via: Larryfire