Stop Motion Makes Paper Super Mario a Reality

It’s funny how seemingly little things can be wildly entertaining. Take this paper super mario stop motion video for example. For all intents and purposes, this is nothing but a paper outline being moved along the wall to emulate the gameplay from the original (or maybe the original Game boy version would work as well). Yet the short 1 and a half minute video is downright awesome and deserves props for using some creativity to bring Mario into the world of reality.

Certainly Walyou readers have seen similar efforts in this vein before. A post all the way back in 2009 recreated a number of classic arcade games using a number of household objects like say, some muffins, a saltshaker and a candy spider to recreate the classic arcade game Centipede. Given that stop motion animation takes a lot of time and effort to put together, you can’t help but applaud the efforts and hope for more like them.  We also saw a similar creation called Western Spaghetti which was made by the same author and utilized some of my old favorites like a Rubik’s cube and Pixie sticks to create the illusion of cooking together different game pieces. If nothing else the patience of moving each piece on little ounce at a time and managing to make that into a full fledged video would likely outweigh my patience. The fact that I have the attention span of a flea likely contributes to the problem.

Given that the appearance in the video looks to be a school, I wonder how many students were involved in the production? It wouldn’t be quite as daunting if you had a set group to shoot each different room. If I had my own pick, the library looked like the most fun. Moving Mario across a various book shelves seemed the most compelling environment to me. Plus, you get to shoot Mario dying, which is an added bonus (I prefer Luigi, in all of your faces!).

Via: Instant Joy