SEGA Console Zippo Lighters Puts Things On Fire

Sega has launched a new and innovative product called SEGA Console Zippo Lighters, which are looking like the old consoles and will excite gamers.

SEGA Console Zippo Lighters

As the name suggests, this lighter is really hot in terms of its amazing features. Looking somewhat like the SEGA Genesis and Sega Saturn in appearance, these lighters can really set things on fire. Available in a 16-bit Mega Drive Genesis and also in 32 bit Saturn versions, these lighters can be used to light your cigarettes.

Even a non-smoker will be attracted towards these appealing SEGA Console Zippo Lighters. These lighters look like retro Sega consoles and I bet anyone can get confused to see these lighters and mistake them as a retro Sega console.

A close look at SEGA Zippo Lighters might delude you and might make you feel that they are either gaming consoles or walkman device for listening music. If you think that you will be able to play games on these SEGA Console Zippo Lighters, then let us inform you that these are cigarette lighters and won’t entertain you by letting you to play any games. So, don’t buy these thinking they are game consoles otherwise you will be disappointed later on.

Feel free to choose either the silverfish white or black color of SEGA Console Zippo Lighters for lightening your cigarette. The best thing about these lighters is that they can be easily carried in pocket in spite of their big looking size.

Those who have used this newly launched Sega product have liked it and have given great reviews for it. One of the happy users liked its Saturn model that is available in black color and the black cartridge flap of these lighters has been liked by many users.

Later on its off-white or silver white model was launched in Japan because the same color was liked on Dreamcast by many users. This off white model features a stylish looking magenta button that makes it even more hot and chic.

Another attractive part of these lighters is its drive access LED and the appealing blue oval buttons with it.  To get one such attractive way of lightning your cigarette, you can pre-order SEGA Console Zippo Lighters right away and till November 6th via Net-You.

To get these amazing SEGA Console Zippo Lighters, you need to spend just about $114. With one such lighter, you will also get Japanese to English dictionary for an easy grasp of how to use them. The price of this lighter might look big for most of you but mind you it is worth it for the unique design it has and style it will offer you for lighting your cigarette.

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Via: Geekologie