Feel The Force Of Sith Or Jedi With The Miniature Lightsabers

If your kids like fancying themselves as Star Wars characters then you can teach them the easy way to make Mini lightsaber and then enjoy playing like their favorite characters.

Miniature Lightsabers

These may not have the force just as the lightsabers of the Star Wars do, but will look the same with the same good feeling. Making a miniature scientific weapon like this will be a process of learning many new things mixed with excitement. This mini lightsaber is just 8.25” in size and good to be played with for the Star Wars struck kids. They too, after all, may fancy themselves as Jedi and Sith.

Kids above the age of 6 will only be adequate to implement the whole planning into actions as there are quite technical and scientific methods which will be beyond the knowledge of the younger ones. As many small particles and things will come in the context of building the mini lightsaber, the tots should better be off it. This is because there is no guarantee that they won’t eat up the things found in front of them!

lightsaber kit

The things required for building this scientific weapon looking lightsaber can be easily found in any shop that generally sells the scientific project making things for school kids. You can even collect the four colored crystals too if you remember the ones of Jedi and Sith. Let your kids enjoy every moment and process of going for the final object and let them utilize whatever they have learned about lasers, lenses, visible light, plasma and the electromagnetic spectrum in its making. Finally, for the light to work and to give you the feel of holding a lightsaber, get the rechargeable Lithium-ion 100 mAh battery.

Before moving on to making the mini lightsaber or to say, the laser sword, let your child know as to what actually a lightsaber is and how it works and where does the light come from etc things. It is actually the handle of the laser sword that has everything in it like right form the battery to the on/off switch comes here only. A belt or string for holding the lightsaber safely in the hand can also be attached.

If you want then can order for the exact Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers that are used in the Star Wars but the fun and the knowledge that your kids will attain in the process of making the lightsaber on their own will remain always unmatchable. They run for only $14.99.

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