I Am A Stuffed Animal Will Make a Stuffed Mini You!

If you have ever wanted to feel famous, are in love with yourself, or only truly believe that a mini doll version of you could make you feel safe at night, then I Am a Stuffed Animal (IAASA) is the most fun and perfect way to provide to those needs with a mini clone doll.

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I Am a Stuffed Animal (IAASA) is an amazing way to get a stuffed animal of yourself made to fit your needs, dreams and aspirations. Not only do they make you sort of come alive (it is a doll 😉 ), but they custom make each doll to fit your looks and requests: be a Star Wars Jedi Knight, the next Star Trek Enterprise Captain, a President, an Animal or anything else you desire.

Each custom doll created is approximately 14? tall and 11? wide (hand to hand) and is made by hand, so no two are alike (except celebrities).

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Basically, IAASA explain this as their magic:

Through the magic of Leprechauns, Papa Smurf, Michael J. Fox, and all other things small, we make wee-sized, delightful stuffed animal versions of you.

Well, it may not fully explain the process, but here is the gist of it:
1. Send a Photo of Yourself
2. They Design You according to your image and special dreamy specs
3. You can welcome to Mini You version to your home without having to stock up in your refrigerator or change your lifestyle.

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Besides the growing stuffed people gallery of many people who have cloned themselves in this harmless way, a few famous celebrities were also stuffed accordingly, such as Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, William Shakespeare and more.

The best part is that the Stuffed Animals versions are only $69.00 (not including shipment) with pre-made Famous Buddies at $34.95. Moreover, they do offer International Shipping. This means that everyone worldwide has the option of having a smaller stuffed clone of themselves. So what are you waiting for, apply for your own stuffed animal and create a doll replica of yourself.

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