24 Geeky Tabletop Games

Many love Tabletop Games, and there are different versions available, ranging from the popular Foosball to Old School Arcade Games. In this collection, we decided to gather 24 different Tabletop Games consisting of Foosball, Air Hockey, Poker, Digital, classic Arcade and others that include mods, concepts and some are readily available. Also, since it is Father’s Day around the corner, it may also inspire some to find that perfect Tabletop game for their own Dad. If he is not much for these kind of games, you could also find inspiration in the variety of Beer Gadgets we seen or the amazing Pool Table Mods.

Tech Tabletop Games

Mini Pacman Arcade

pacman arcade tabletop game fathers day 2010

Old School Geeks are surely familiar with Pacman, so the Mini Pacman Arcade is a nostalgic gift.

Mini Galaga and Ms. Pacman

mini galaga arcade game fathers day 2010

If your are a Galaga fan in addition to Pacman, then this Mini Galaga Arcade Mod is something you would wish could be by your side. The classic game is made smaller with this mod, but the hours of fun are the same.

Arcade Coffee Table

arcade coffee tabletop game fathers day 2010

Just like seen above, this is another Tabletop Arcade Game, but in true size and made to be a great Coffee Table as well. It will not be so cheap, but it ends up being both a geeky game and wonderful furniture for your home.

Pong Tabletop

pong game tabletop fathers day 2010

While Pong was a really old 8-Bit Game, it was resurrected as this Pong Tabletop Game bringing the old fun to life.

Digital Dungeons & Dragons

dungeons & dragons microsoft surface fathers day 2010

It is not certain how Geeky you are, but if you are familiar with Role Playing games, then you would probably love the Dungeons & Dragons Surface Game that really innovates and enhances the old dice game.

Touchscreen Poker and Blackjack Table

touchscreen poker blackjack table fathers day 2010

This Touchscreen Poker Table is a must for Poker geeks. Besides having an actual screen for each single player for an ultimate Poker game, it also has Blackjack as an included game.

Dining Poker Table

convertible dining poker table fathers day 2010

Last on the Tech list is the Convertible Dining Poker Table which provides a beautiful Dining Table for your home that converts into an elegant Poker Table as well.

Foosball Table Games

Star Wars Foosball Table

star wars foosball table fathers day 2010

Geeks would not believe their eyes when they see the Star Wars Foosball Table including some Star Wars characters and still remaining playable just like they would hope.

World’s Longest Foosball Table

worlds longest foosball table fathers day 2010

This record has probably been broken already, but back in the day, this was the World’s Longest Foosball Table which would make the game a huge team sport for company employees and the regular Bar flies.

World’s Smallest Foosball Table

worlds smallest foosball table fathers day 2010

If there is a world’s longest, then there has to be the World’s Smallest Foosball Table, and this miniature one is actually available for purchase and has already made many happy.

Homemade Foosball Tables

homemade foosball table fathers day 2010

Sometimes we do not have the funds to get that perfect gift we want, so we could always improvise and built one ourselves. The Cardboard Foosball Game (below) is a perfect example which will not play exactly the same, but it is better then being empty-handed. The second Homemade Foosball Table (above) will require additional planning and work, but the effort will not go unrewarded.

cardboard foosball table game fathers day 2010

Audi Foosball Table

table top games audi foosball fathers day 2010

The Audi Foosball Table is a great design from the famed Automakers which was released in time for the 2010 World Cup. If you think it would be easier to afford then an actual Audi, you would be wrong. They mention that it runs for $16,000…kind of expensive for Foosball.

Coca Cola Foosball Table

table top games coke foosball fathers day 2010

For Coke fans, the Coca Cola Foosball Table seems like a dream come true. It is designed with the Coca Cola brand throughout and also has built in Coke holders, so you always have a drink during a heated game.

Chic Foosball

tabletop games chic foosball table fathers day 2010

The Designer Foosball Table seen here is a combo of an exclusive design and an old favorite game. With such beauty surrounding the table, some may have a problem playing it.

Barbie Foosball Table

barbie foosball table game fathers day 2010

Although many Fathers would not necessarily be fans of the Barbie Foosball Table, it is still a creative design nonetheless. Then again, it may be that Father’s Day Gift that helps reconnect them with their daughters, making a combo Foosball game that is both Barbies and Sports.

Ping Pong Tables

Ping Pong Table Door

ping pong table door fathers day 2010

The Ping Pong Table Door could be the best thing since sliced bread. It is a great design of a ping pong table that is built as a real door in a room. When you want to play a quick game, simply unlock it and lay rotate it down.

Ping Pong Conference Table

ping pong conference table fathers day 2010

This would be a table you would expect to be at some successful Social Network or perhaps Google, for it is a Ping Pong Conference Table that is both elegant for board meetings and also has hidden places for all you need for a quick game of Ping Pong.

Ping Pong Robot

ping pong robot fathers day 2010

The Ping Pong Robot could be the great training partner for the professional Ping Pong Players we see in the Olympics…or maybe Forrest Gump.

Air Hockey Tables

Virtual Air Hockey

virtual air hockey fathers day 2010

The Virtual Air Hockey Table lets you play the exciting game but without the need for an actual Puck. The video demonstration shows the colors, lights and speed of such a game, which masters would appreciate.

Robotic Air Hockey

robot air hockey table game fathers day 2010

If you feel you are a master at Air Hockey, then you should try playing the Robotic Air Hockey which will probably beat you silly.

Mini Air Hockey

mini air hockey table fathers day 2010

For those that want to take Air Hockey with them, the Mini Air Hockey Table concept is a hopeful design. It resembles the table we have grown to love but in a mini size that is truly portable.

Combo Tabletop Games

4 In One

combo tabletop game fathers day 2010

If you cannot decide which game is your favorite, the 4 In 1 Tabletop Game combines Foosball, Billiards, Air Hockey, and a Mini Football Dice Game.

Mini Combo Tabletop

mini foosball billiards air hockey table fathers day 2010

The Miniature Tabletop Game Combo includes Foosball, Air Hockey and Billiards in one cute but fun package. It may not be as powerful as the life size Tabletop games, but it is great for camping and such.