Ghostbusters Proton Backpack Is Up For Grabs!

Do you have people around trying to bully you in college or at work place? Hang on. It’s high time you need to put up a bold front and get a ‘face lift’. Well, everything comes for a price and Ghostbusters Proton Backpack is no exception.It would cost you only $40, and this Kick ass product is a licensed merchandise of Ghostbusters Proton, a fictional gadget that literally kicks asses of ghosts and makes them surrender.


Worn by the Ghost busters, the machine has a gun attached to it. More famous as “neutrona wand” this gun fires a positively charged stream of protons that attracts the negatively charged energy of a ghost and traps it. You have a gun in the form of a detachable pouch, which can be used to keep stationeries.

This stylish piece of luggage is sure to bump into my shopping cart for it can give Goose bums to the ghouls around. If Ghostbusters interest you, you could also read about Ghostbusters cake, Ghostbusters Minimate Action Figure , Ghostbusters Proton Pack and Ecto Ghostbusters Hummer.