The Daily Digg iPad App Brings Newspaper Style to

Facebook and Twitter are two hot tools to keep oneself updated with interested field, be it Sports, World Cup, Politics, Hollywood, Tech, Apple, Google, etc etc. While the above two websites are making many headlines today, it was all started with DIGG, which was the prime sharing resource for websites, and in fact, even now.

We still cherish articles with such greatest number of diggs and checking the website has eventually become a habit, just like reading a newspaper. The latter is far convenient in reading, though.

What if somebody took the best of your two habits — which are, reading newspaper and surfing digg — and took the best of them both to port it on your favorite media device these days, the iPad? Yes, it’s been here. The Daily Digg, does just that (video below).

It’s one of the best iPad apps you will see that is creative enough to set you with amazement. What it does is presenting the to you in a newspaper style to optimize reading the articles and browsing through the galore of information quite conveniently and effectively.

You can set priority to your areas of interest, to be lined up to the first page of the Digg Daily. The newspaper style gives a fresh look to everything you have been doing thus far, without compromising on the features. you can digg an item effortlessly and check out what’s hot under each category filled with vast resources.

Right now, the app is not available on appstore and you gotta wait to try it all. Only a preview is what that surfaced the web, making heads turn to this. We’ll surely bring more on this, once the app is available to public on the App Market, but till then we simple hope for Apple to approve the innovation, which would help serve better. surely needs an overhaul to compete with the likes of which continues to grow exponentially.

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