Nokia Icon: Fashionable Bluetooth Device

Present day mobile technology offers instant connectivity at the touch of your fingertips. Apple’s iPhone is at the forefront of the touch revolution, while the BlackBerry leads the smart phone brigade that allows you to check mails and stay in touch with friends 24/7.

What if you could answer calls by a simple flick of a wrist, or reply to messages by a simple twist of your thumb. Imagine a wristband that will light up when you receive a call on your mobile, or a thumb band that will light up when you receive a message from your loved one. You could answer the phone and talk to the caller via the wristband.

Argentinean designer Manuel Lopez Revol has designed such a wristband and thumb band, which function as chic Bluetooth accessories for your cell phone. Titled ‘Icon’, the design was shortlisted at a competition organized by cell phone giants, Nokia, in Argentina.

The inspiration for the design stems from the fact that there are times when we cannot answer our mobile phones, but we want to know who the caller is. If you are stuck in a meeting then you may not be able to check your phone until the meeting is over.

Then, there are also those careless moments when we leave behind our cell phones at a restaurant, inside a cab, or at the office. With the Icon, you will always be reminded of your cell phone.

The Bluetooth accessory should appeal strongly to women who carry their mobile phones in a purse or handbag, and in the process miss calls. No calls will be missed with the Icon on your wrist. Since the fashion quotient is high, ladies would have no qualms in sporting it as a trendy accessory.

Though the design of the Icon is a trendsetter, its functions are easy to use like any Bluetooth device. When you receive a call, the OLED display on the wristband will light up in red and flash the caller’s name. When you receive a message, the thumb band will light up in white and the message will be displayed on your wristband OLED screen.

The wristband does not merely function as a receiver; it also stores your messages and calls until you check them. You could check on them with the scroll button embedded on the band. With the Icon, you can switch between four modes: call, messages, watch, and screensaver. Nokia might market this fashionable Bluetooth device with its future models.

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