Lego Firearms Are Morrow’s Silent Assassins

Ever since Lego made its debut into the world of toys its provided a strong base for creative minds to display their prowess in turning a relative nothing into something beautiful; these Lego guns however are not just pretty sculptures for the shelf but fully functional weapons that use Lego bricks as ammo.LEGO-firearms

The fact the guns actually work add a whole new dimension to the design making the much awaited departure from the static concepts that are the staple of the Lego market; but these guns aren’t the first functional designs to hit the market the Lego pinball machine is an equally awesome and much more complex design that adds a geeky twist to an already geeky game.


The guns though have versatility on their side with the inventor Jack Streat conjuring up not just one but a whole arsenal of these guns; the weapons range from theĀ  gangsters classic Thompson machine gun to the Yakuza’s SMG and there’s Arnie’s favorite, the revolving barrel machine gun that can hold 104 rounds of bricks and puts them down range at a blistering pace, the collection even has a barret sniper rifle.


All in all the guns represent a new era of lego design that will surely evolve into even more creative ideas in the near future; but for more real time applications they would be a pleasant alternative to paintball especially when the players are all geared up in Boba Fett Lego outfits.













via:[ Oddity Central]

One thought on “Lego Firearms Are Morrow’s Silent Assassins

  1. AmerinTasx.

    While I’m not a huge fan of LEGO guns in any format, but after working a summer at a woodworking tourist shop, they had a giant all wododen version of the rotating gatlin like machine gun here, I would love to see the plans for that last photo, it would be so much fun at LEGO Conventions..


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