Download VLC 1.1 With Hardware Acceleration for Free

Well, the latest update is that VLC, launcher of one of the most popular media players, has introduced its official VLC 1.1 release in order to provide hardware video acceleration for a smoother HD playing.


Moreover, this new release will cater support for the open WebM video standard to implement many fixes and speed up in the code. If you liked the VLC 1.0.0, you would love the latest version for sure. For those of you who wish to know a little more about VLC 1.1, let us tell you that it is an absolutely free download for Windows, Linux and Mac systems. It provides hardware acceleration through Nvidia hardware on Linux and Windows. This new release also provides a better audio experience and full support for AMR-NB, MPEG-4 ALS, WMAS and FLAC 6.1/7.1.

VLC 1.1 also comes featuring an integrated playlist in the Qt4 interface and gives improved meta-data and album-art support along with support for DVD-Audio files. With a faster decoding of up to 40% speed ups and functionalities that are rarely used VideoLAN VLC 1.1 also features new C++ bindings and a simplified and improved libVLC for the removal of exceptions for better C integration.

In terms of web improvements, VLC 1.1 is capable of supporting WebM decoding and encoding. Not only this, it also provides better streaming capabilities and improved web plugins. This new hardware acceleration for media playing provides mainly two types of scripts including, content add-ons that are integrated in the play list and functionalities extensions such as metadata searching on the web.

The best thing about VLC 1.1 is that it is very easy to use and also powerful and extendable. This open source cross platform multimedia player and framework is also HD ready. The code for this new player is optimized for big performance gains and it can also play VP-8 and MPEG-4 lossless videos.

It is faster and more stable with a reworked interface and playlist to provide you a better entertaining experience. Featuring new codecs and HD codecs enhancements and an important code cleanup and rewrite, VLC 1.1 is really worth trying out. You can easily download this new player from VLC’s website.

While downloading VLC 1.1 from the VideoLAN website, you will be asked to download the 32-bit version of VLC, but do check the 64-bit Intel and PowerPC version too before downloading.

Whether you know it or not, but VLC 1.1 is at present the highly recommended player due to its improved enhancements and amazing features such as  CoreText-based text renderer for subtitles.

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Via: Lifehacker