Yoda Is Back! This Time With Metal.

If you think people underestimate you because of your small height, worry not. Size matters not. This statement comes straight from the horses’ mouth, Yoda himself. Yoda belongs to the Star Wars universe who was eventually crowned as the Grand Master of Jedi. His metal can’t be ignored. And Yo! Yoda gets reincarnated in metal.

Metal Yoda

This amazing piece of work from metal parts and scraps has been developed by Bangkok artist Yumi Modal and her family. What could be a better way to pay tribute to the mighty Yoda, whose diminutive size never came in the way of his successful innings. Known for his legendary wisdom, mastery of the force and skills in lightsaber combat, Yoda is perhaps the most powerful Jedi Masters in galactic history.

I read somewhere that Yoda was born on a remote planet. He left his home planet with a friend, on an old, barely spaceworthy ship route to the Core Worlds to seek employment. This sounds like a humanly act!

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I cannot gauge this metallic Yoda’s actual size but a small one can be a good memento for a Star Wars enthusiast.

Via: Jadeice