Microsoft Launches Windows Live Messenger For iPhone And iPod Touch

The latest news from Microsoft is that it has recently launched the new Windows Live Messenger for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Windows Live Messenger iphone

After a long time of research and development, this new messenger or IM app has been finally produced for iPhone and the credit for the development of this new messenger goes to The Redmond Company.

This new Windows Live Messenger for iPhone and iPod Touch can be easily downloaded from iTunes App Store. The strange thing about this new launch is that unlike other launches, this time, Microsoft did not launch this messenger with major publicity.

For those of you seeking more information about Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger, we will tell you that it has been especially designed for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. The main goal of launching this application is the dream to stay on top of your Windows Live network and let you chat with all your friends using its new features.

The Windows new Live Messenger for iPhone has been designed in a great way to offer you four buttons for all its four modes, including, social updates, chats, photos and buddy list. Just like the Windows Live Messenger for the PC, this new messenger version also features social networking, email extras and other such great features.

Moreover, this new messenger offers the users to start conversations as and when they want. You will also get to see a Hotmail icon along with an inbox size indicator on this new messenger. The Photos mode of this messenger displays albums you have stored on your Windows Live SkyDrive and you will also be allowed to upload more from your iPhone.

Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger for iPhone and iPod Touch is a completely user friendly application. It comes with 36 photo effects for a better picture enhancement and you will be glad to know that this is the fourth application that has been released by Microsoft. It has been developed keeping in mind all the latest online trends in mind, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The “Friends” tab on this messenger allows you to add all your favorite friends and contacts for an instant messaging. Its slide out menu enables you to change your buddy image and also allows you to sign out from different locations be it your home PC.

Windows Live Messenger iphone 2

This new application also features a Hotmail icon and an inbox size indicator that will allow you to click and load the mobile browser version of Hotmail. To download this application you just need 7.2MB space. It can be downloaded in English and French languages. All you need for downloading this application is your iPhone or iPod Touch, iOS 3.0 or later.

Users will also be able to view their Windows Live Gallery on this new Live Messenger for iPhone and iPod Touch. Overall, this one is an easy to use and a good looking IM application for your iPhone or iPod Touch device. You can easily download this new Microsoft’s Live Messenger free of cost from Apple.

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Via: Smashingapps