KaBoom! Animated Version Recreated

If you are an old timer, you would remember the cool video game called KaBoom! which was played on the Atari 2500. It was created and designed by Larry Kaplan and later a 16-bit remake was launched for the Super Nintendo as well.

kaboom 1

Now, somebody called PES, who has also made the Video Game Classics Stop Motion and the Western Spaghetti, has decided to create an analogue version of the game using things that you could never have imagined! An animated but analogue version of the game has been created using matchsticks (as missiles), ribbons, various metal pieces denoting the city, and a peanut that gets dropped as a bomb.

The colorful balls in the end must be the funniest in the entire video. This analogue recreation of the KaBoom! could proves that video games can be a lot more fun when played “in real” too!

The striking feature of the analogue KaBoom! Video is that for some time you would not be able to tell if it were a virtual game or a animated diorama.

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