RC Light Cycle and Tron Toys are Set to Make Sci-Fi a Reality

Almost three decades earlier, when Walt Disney produced Tron, it created sparks among all action lovers that promised extensive excitement in the future. And to mark its words, Disney has done it once again, and is back with a thud by presenting Tron Legacy. Good news doesn’t end here. Get the taste of this upcoming movie in advance with the awesome remote-control light cycle toy that’s come out right out of the movie!

Vrooooooom- Light Cycle is Set to Make Sci-Fi a Reality 3

Definitely technology has no bar, nor does the creative toys for Tron fans. The remote-control light cycle toy defies the most known law of gravity. Definitely we all learnt in school about the strange attractive forces of gravity. But well, this little toy just tends to take another path, and like the movie, it zooms on the walls!

Vrooooooom- Light Cycle is Set to Make Sci-Fi a Reality 2

Well, I have seen how kids’ crave to own super powers like their heroes or get into action like in the movies. Let’s live with the dreams of these kids’ with this toy cycle that zooms past on the walls as well as the ground, with the efficient function of built-in suction technology. And yes, this master work is by none other than Air Hogs, the creator of the most outstanding toys ever. The light beam leaves a trail from its tip, with the cycle all set with full action!

Vrooooooom- Light Cycle is Set to Make Sci-Fi a Reality

Enliven these moments of sci-fi from the reel life into your real life, for exciting fun along with Tron Evolution Video Game or the Tron Legacy Villain.

via: Wired

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