The World’s First Solar Powered Soccer Ball

It just could be the very outrageously addictive and exciting FIFA World Cup 2010 or maybe the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Whatever may be the inspiration behind the World’s First Solar Powered Ball, there is no denying that this brilliant concept has managed to relate two very important developments: Football and the Environment.The World’s First Solar Powered Ball

But this is no ordinary ball that millions of kids play with in their backyard. This ball has been created by the Taiwan based company called Greendix who are currently leading in the design and supply of custom solar panels, looks identical to a regular soccer ball except that the iconic black pentagon shaped leather patches have been replaced by solar cells of the same shape and size. The ball prototypes emits a tracking sound whenever it has been kicked and is uses its solar panels which absorb the sun’s rays to power its advanced built in motion sensors and audio device. This is the most ground-breaking technology available yet, because it means that the ball could be used to help children who are visually impaired or have any problems related to sight play the game without any hindrance. The company also envisions creating technology whereby the ball can be used later on as a source of energy to help children from third world countries to power lamps!

The World’s First Solar Powered Ball 2

This Ball satisfies the weird combination of football fanatics and environmentalists and does its bit in making the world a better place to live in!

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via: inhabitots