Now Charge 20 iGadgets Simultaneously with Parasync

In the modern world, a man’s social standing is no longer limited to owning high-end sports cars, sporting pricey designer wear, wearing expensive cologne, or staying in a plush downtown apartment.

Owning the latest, and coolest, gizmo is considered to be one of the most important style-plus-status statements today. When we talk about the coolest gizmo, few gadgets can match the aura of an Apple iPhone or iPod. The iPhone and the iPod are credited with revolutionizing the portable mp3 and mobile phone industry. Nowadays, people own more than just a phone or a portable mp3 player. Next generation models are released every two or three years to include the latest technology.

If you are a self-confessed Apple fan (as this writer is), you probably own more than just one iPhone or iPod. Maybe you have siblings or even parents who own i-gadgets. Owning multiple iPods/iPhones is hip and trendy, but charging and syncing your multiple i-gadgets can be a tedious task. To meet the demands of owners who own multiple i-gadgets, Parasync has developed a docking station that allows you to charge and sync all your i-gadgets at one go.

The Parasync is a rectangular unit, white in color, with dimensions about 32 X 27 X 5 cm. The unit comes with a power adapter and USB cord. The power adapter charges your device while the USB plug goes into your MAC/PC/Laptop, where you sync and update your iPhone or iPod.

multiple iphone charging dock image parasync

I have already told you that Parasync can take on multiple gadgets at one go, but the exact number of devices that it can simultaneously charge will astound you. The docking device can charge 20 (you heard right) iPhones or iPods at the same time.

Charging 20 i-gadgets concurrently is no small matter, but the charging dock allows you to plug in all your devices and charge them with the simple flip of the power button. If you wish to sync all your devices, you could do that by plugging the USB cord to your computing device. iTunes will list all the devices in its left panel. No more trying to find free multiple ports or scrambling for individual chargers; all the charging and syncing is taken care of by one singular unit.

Parasync is ideal for office and college use where there would be maximum users of iPhones and iPods. The device could also double as a meeting place where i-users get together, charge their devices, and have a chat.

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Via: Gizmo-central