Show Your World Cup Colors with Fan Face iPhone App

Soccer mania is on with the 2010 World Cup , and if you want to make sure the craziness is felt at every point of the game, with every team and with everyone getting your full support, then the Free Fan Face 2010 World Cup iPhone App is your best bet.

fan face 2 world cup image

Well yes, you got it right! iPhone goes the iFace way! The coolest application of fan face, supported by’s application, will definitely put the whole fan base into action throughout the entire match. All you really got to do is just choose which national team you support,  and then paint your own face like a die hard fan you truly are. There is colorful make-up provided to represent the looks of your favorite team, by painting the flags, scarves, wigs or even adorning yourself with trendy accessories.


Once your avatar is selected, make these moments some of the most memorable ones, for you get this chance just once in four years; Click your individual or group shots and enjoy the screening of these photos on Facebook, Twitter or through E-mails for other excited Soccer fans.

Fan face for fifa worldcup

Download this exciting iPhone app from iTunes for free, and be all set before the next game begins. Definitely as exciting as Fifa can get, you can add on to some more creativeness and fun with the Fifa 10 PC Case Mod or Audi’s Foosball Table.

fan face 1 world cup image

fan face 3 world cup image