A Clever iMousePad from Russia

Even before its release, the iPad by Apple was hotly discussed in tech circles and the media. The device was seen as the next technological step in mobile computing. Three months after its release, the iPad has already sold three million units and has entered the annals of gadget folklore with its revolutionary, slate-inspired design and full-touch user interface.

The iPad, like the iPod and iPhone, has attracted attention in the kingdom of tech-gadget clones: China. You may have heard and even seen cheap Chinese imitations of the iPod and iPhone. The iPad too has its Asian cousin.

But there is a slight twist to the iPad clone saga. Chinese manufacturers of iPad-like tablet PCs claim that it is Apple that has done the stealing this time. They argue that China began marketing tablet PCs before Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad. Some of them are even considering suing Apple over copyright infringement. Talk about irony.

Inspired by the Chinese, Russia now has its own version of the iPad. The Russian clone, unlike the Chinese iPads, is a Xerox copy of the iPad: Square in design, with a black display and a white back-panel.

Apple may not pursue any legal action over the Russian clone because the Russian version is not an iPad, but a cleverly designed mouse pad. DarkDesignGroup, a Russian design boutique, is the brains behind the iPad-inspired mouse pad. Titled iMousePad, the mouse pad is a mirror reflection of Apple’s tablet PC that could fool even the sharpest tech-expert into thinking that the mouse pad is the real deal.

Before you bolt to buy this mousepad and make it a part of your Apple family, let us tell you that the iMousePad is just a concept for now. With its iPad design and clever execution, it may be an accessory that Apple fans would want to possess.

We say that the mouse pad has a clever execution because of the graphic content on the pad. It has the Apple logo on the top bar with ‘Browse Now’ inscribed in the bottom 1/3rd of the panel. The pad also has the slide bar, which unlocks an iPad, with ‘Slide if you want’ written on it.

Mouse pads are a somewhat extinct species as far as computer accessories are concerned. An optical mouse only needs clean, dry surface to help you click. If the iMousePad hits the markets, the mouse pad may be back in fashion and on the computer table.

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