The T-1000 Terminator Figure: The Sci-fi Fanatic’s Favourite Collectible Toy!

The year was 1991. The movie that everyone was talking about was Terminator 2 Judgment Day. Who can forget the strapping and intimidating Arnold Schwarzenegger and his arch nemesis, Robert Patrick (The T-1000). Well, a line of figures of the very scary and ruthless T-1000 has been created and are especially meant for those pop culture fanatics who just cannot get enough of the movie!The T-1000 Figure

Hot Toys is paying homage to the movie that influenced the genre of action and science fiction with a new line of the 1/6th scale T-1000 Collectible Figures. While this inhuman assassin looks eerily like Robert Patrick in the movie, but the resemblance to the evil one does not just end there. Sci-fi geeks are going to be thrilled to know that these Collectible Toys not only look like their favourite villain with his identical facial expressions, his every wrinkle, his every pore but that it also comes with all the cool features that the T-1000 is known for in the movie.  Bodily features like four kinds of interchangeable palms, and a severed head that can be split into two halves are included. It also includes the costume identical to the one in the movie with all the accessories as well as the awesome weaponry like the submachine gun, handcuffs, a metal-like blade arm and hooked arm and detachable magnetic bullet hits.

terminator t 1000 model toy

terminator t 1000 model toys

If you just feel this need to have your favourite villain right on your mantel, don’t forget to buy your very own copy!

terminator t 1000 model toy design

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terminator t 1000 model toys design

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