Top 15 Geeky Calculator Designs

There is a nerd in every one of us which comes to life whenever we come across a mind-numbing math problem in our day-to-day life. Not all are born geeks and even a simple single-digit addition can be a mind numbing situation for many of us; though maximum try their best to catch up. Geek or no geek, either way there are times when you want to stop forcing your grey cells to work and give rest to your already weary mind.

Without doubt, even an extra-intellectual person would agree to this for it is wise to save your energies, whether physical or mental, and channelize them in the right direction. In order to preserve your mental strength and sanity, we have brought to you some of the best calculators, both in looks and functionality department, which can be used not only to sooth the souls of the geeks but also to make the lives of the not-so-geek smoother and easier. With these super-cool calculators you would never ever feel embarrassed again to take out your calculating machine in a shopping mall or in any crowded place for that matter. Be smart and get these cool geeky calculators and flaunt it wherever you go without the fear of being ridiculed as dumb. These geeky calculators will not only help you to prevent flexing your brain muscles unnecessarily but will also make you a walking style statement wherever you go.

X-Cool Calculator

All of us are aware that only work and no play would make Jack a dull boy. But what if you get a combination of work and fun together? This X-Cool Calculator closely resembles a controller and gives you an actual feel of the gaming especially when you are tired of solving your mathematical ordeals.

Hopscotch Calculator Design

Hopscotch Calculator Design reminds you of your childhood days, when you never missed out on playing hopscotch with your friends. As this calculator follows the hopscotch grid structure, it includes only digits one to nine. Although it can only be used for simple mathematical operations, the child in you would surely like to keep this as a priced possession.

Hydro Powered Calculator

Ever wondered of a calculator working on hydro-power? This Hydro Powered Calculator is one such device that runs on water. Consuming three water batteries, this eco-friendly calculator resembles a scientific invention. As this calculator avoids usage of electricity, it is likely to become a centre of attraction amongst your friends and colleagues.

Kal-ee Calculator

If you are tired of making several complex calculations in your daily routine, Kal-ee Calculator is the solution for you. This unique calculator concept uses network and lets you arrive at figures for different expenses such as bus fees, tax-returns and restaurant tips. Wouldn’t it be great to know about your calories and cholesterol levels using this calculator?


Typing sms from your mobile doesn’t consume a lot of time. You wish if you could solve mathematical queries at a similar speed. If the iCalculator Design gets introduced in the market, you will be able to enjoy a classic iPod looking calculator which is not only text friendly but also gives you answers at a faster pace.

Lego Calculator

Using conventional blend looking calculators can be quite monotonous. Sometimes you wish if the buttons of the calculator were big enough to facilitate the functioning with ease and the screen was wide enough to make the numbers legible. Lego Calculator is such a device that lets you enjoy the aforementioned features with a dash of fun.

Water Powered Calculator

The Water Powered Calculator is another device which functions using hydro-power. The point of attraction in this calculator is its cool blue and silver color casing design. Though it lets you perform only simple mathematical calculations, you can conveniently use it for a month before refilling liquid in its batteries.

Fun Calculator Prank Hack

Fun Calculator Prank Hack is an appliance which speaks out the numbers using a recording module and also plays music while being operated. Those who like working with music would surely adore this calculator. Besides using it for solving your mathematical problems, you could very well use it to play a prank on your friends by telling them your calculator actually speaks.

Lexon Bamboo Calculator

Another geeky calculator that would definitely grab many eye balls is the Lexon Bamboo Calculator. With an aim to conserve environment, the designers have made this calculator using bamboo. This eco-friendly calculator offers more functions than standard calculation such as +/- Tax. The calculator is equipped with dual power supply.

Mint – The Typewriter Calculator

Mint – The Typewriter Calculator is yet another geeky calculator that takes you back to the olden days when typewriters were rampantly used. Though it looks like a piece of antique, it works like other electronic devices and also prints all equations while creating the same noise that its former version did.

Credit Card Calculator

Every one of us undergoes the trouble of rechecking the total amount while shopping groceries. Wouldn’t you be delighted to have a handy gadget with you that would assist you in carrying out simple calculations? Well, with the availability of Credit Card Calculator you are now be free of all such hassles. Moreover, this device saves electricity as it runs on solar power.

Receipt Scanner Calculator

Receipt Scanner Calculator is an extension of a regular calculator. This amazing pocket size scanner can be used to manage all your financial accounts. It can scan receipts and chart money coming in and out of your accounts. This device is less of a calculator and more of a personal assistant.

Eco-Friendly Wooden Calculator

This Wooden Calculator is for all those geeks and non-geeks who are eco-friendly and want to contribute towards saving the environment with some style. This all handmade calculator is made from sustainable harvested wood and has a colorful and user-friendly number pad. A striking design made with skillful hands, the wooden calculator is an absolutely appealing green gadget.


Retro Casio Calculator

The Retro Casio Calculator water is for the die-hard fans of the good old Casio digital wrist watches which taken the market by storm few decades back. Available in multiple colors to suit your attire, the calculator is also a calendar and a stopwatch; and of course, it shows time as well.


Handy Google Firefox Calculator

Living lives in the fast lane, you always want problems to be solved at rocket speed. On frequent occasions, while using Google we need to carry out calculations. Not many of us know, but when you enter a mathematical equation in the Google search box while using Firefox, you will surprisingly get an answer to your question without wasting much time.